SATURDAY, July 15, 2023 (10 am-5 pm)
Fisher Park
(250 Holland)

OTTAWA, ON – This is a community-based tournament seeking to bring basketball players
throughout the city together for one great day of competition. The Tournament Format will see a
Men’s and Women’s divisions. Each division will have 3 categories, an: Open Division, 16-18
years of age division and an Under 15 division. 8 teams per division will see the teams with the
best record awarded to move on. 3 games are guaranteed with playoffs based on standings.
The tournament will then continue in a single-game elimination process (lose and you’re out
format). Seeding will be based on the game’s point differential thus final scores for every game is
important. The top two teams of each bracket will play a crossover that will determine the final two
teams who will play for the Championship.

Game Rules:
● Half-court games
● Change of Possession on a made basket
● 3 on 3 games with 1 substitution
● Maximum of 4 players/team
● 15-minute running clock or first to 21 points
● Clock will stop after a foul with 2 minutes or less (Semi-Finals and Finals Only)
● Substitutions can be made during dead ball situations only. (on made baskets, fouls,
timeout or an injury only)
● When a player is being fouled during a shot, the player will shoot one free throw. Live
play after attempt
● A five-second return check will be in place once the offensive team checks to the
defensive team. The defensive team holding the ball for more than five seconds to
re-commence game will result in a free throw for the offensive team, plus possession
after the free throw attempt
● Each team will have 5 fouls before being placed in a bonus situation
● If a team gives an intentional foul (nonbasketball foul/no play on the ball), it will be a
warning. The second intentional foul will be a point deducted and will result in the fouled
the team gaining possession.
● Any player receiving two technical fouls in a game will be ejected from that game and will
not be allowed to play in their next game.
● Any player ejected for fighting will be expelled from the tournament.
● There will be one referee scheduled for each game
● 1 Timeout per team per game duration of 45 seconds
Prizes: The Players on the winning team will receive medals.
Registration: The entry fee for the tournament is $120 / team and is due in full by July
Late Registration 13-15 July (subject to availability) $170. Payment must be received in full
to reserve a spot in the tournament. This cost covers all prizes and organizational fees.
Register at, complete and bring the preliminary roster form with you on
tournament day as well as Covid Waiver Forms prior to each game.
For more information e-mail at